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2016 Alternative Advent Calendar (PDF) is available to save on your desk top or print out at home. Printed copies will be available at RCC all through Advent.

Wolves and Lambs Advent Devotional 2016 from the StillSpeaking Writers’ Group will also be available for pick up at church, one per family please.


Pastor Jason’s sermon from Sunday, November 13:

“Great In Your Midst”

This sermon has been written and re-written four or five times over the past few days, but here it is in its current form, as it’s time for something to be said. As I shared in my pastoral email Friday, it has been an exhausting and overwhelming week. There were so many hopes and dreams wrapped up in the candidacy of the one who would have been the first woman to become president, and so much hate and venom, so many unacceptable aspects to the candidacy of the one who will now be our next president.

Church is not a place for partisan politics. That has not and will not change. But church is a place where we tell the truth, no matter how much it hurts, no matter how much it makes us or the person sitting next to us uncomfortable. Church is a place where we name what is right and wrong and where we reject false equivalencies that impair our judgment and undermine our integrity. The election is over but what has been said cannot be unsaid or ignored. There is real and justifiable fear for what comes next. This is the reality within which we live out our faith today. It is the reality that surrounds us as we gather together as church today. And this post election reality is one that seems to take on new dimensions and with it we gain new perspectives as move further away from Tuesday evening. As the days and subsequent events of the election have unfolded we begin to see it in new and different ways, with newly recognized consequences, and hopefully, with greater clarity to help us distinguish our well-grounded fears from what has or has not yet come to pass.

[continued here: sermon-november-13-2016 (PDF)]

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