How to Donate to the Church

A free-will offering is collected at each Sunday worship service.

Members and other regular attendees of the church are encouraged to commit to support the church by making a pledge as part of our annual Stewardship campaign in the fall. Pledges can be for a weekly, monthly, semi-monthly, or annual amount, and will support our operating budget for the upcoming year. Pledged envelopes are provided to track contributions while preserving privacy of the giver.

As a Congregational Church, we are responsible for raising our own funds to enable our church mission in the community. We do not receive funding from the United Church of Christ.

Donations are welcome at any time. Checks are made out to Roslindale Congregational Church.

We also ask that our regular churchgoers consider how they may be called to volunteer their own time and talents to the church’s mission in the community. This might take the form of helping internally by: